Remote Controls
Aircraft  radio  Remote Controls
 C-3595/U  Preselector &  Filter Remote Control Panel
Was used with Collins URG-1, AN/TRC-75, AN/ARC-58 and AN/TSC-15 HF radio Sets
condition: Good  used ,PUR  shipping weight 5 lb

Ground  Radio Remote Controls 
Collins 313V-1 Radio Set  Remote Control Box
Part of AN/MRC-95 & Collins VC-104  HF Radio Sets to provide remote control of frequency and  and  modes of operation.
Condition: good used , PUR
Shipping weight 15 Lb.

C-3141/TRC-75 Radio Set  Remote Control Panel
Part of the AN/TRC-75, AN/ARC-58 and AN/TSC-15 HF Radio Sets
Condition: Good used, $PUR
shipping weight: 12 LB

Ground Radio  Remote Control Groups
 AN/GRA-6 Remote Control Group
Used with a variety of military radios sets including RT-524/VRC, AN/GRC-106 and many others to provide remote control over field   telephone wire.
Includes 1 Ea  C-433/GRC Remote Control and  1 Ea C-434/GRC Local Control.
Condition: Like new depot rebuilt PUR, Shipping weight: 25 LB