Ground and shipboard antennas
AS-177/UPX  Omnidirectional IFF Antenna
This antenna widely used aboard naval vessels for  use with  Mark XII  IFF Sets.
 AS-177/UPX  Omnidirectional Antenna.  Antennas provide side lobe suppression when used with the AN/UPX-27  interrogator Set, via the AN/UPA-61 RF Switching Group.
Condition: Good
Price: $500.00, Shipping weight: 25 Lb.

AT-412/TRC VHF Dipole Antenna
Frequency : 100-225 MHz,
Four adjustable elements  in the shape of a an  letter X
Condition: like new
Price: $100.00, Shipping weight: 12 Lb.

AT-67/AT  S Band Coaxial Horn Antenna
Frequency: 2630-2970 MHz, connector: N
Condition; good
Price: $150.00
Shipping weight: 2 Lb.
ARA AS-230 Antenna

ARA Inc.,  Antenna Research Associates
20MHz to 3000 MHZ  Omnidirectional Antenna
Frequency Range: Low-band 20 MHz to 1 GHz , High-band 800 MHz to 3 GHz
Polarization: Vertical Linear., Output Impedance: 50 Ohm nominal.
Gain: -3 to 4.5 dBi Typical 150 MHz 1000 MHz,-1 to 3 dBi Typical 1000 MHz 3000 MHz
Pattern: Omni-directional in azimuth,. RF Output Connectors: Type N Female
Dimensions: Diameter: 18.5 inches.,Height: 18.5 inches max.
Weight: 14 lb., Material: Aluminum, Brass, Fiberglass, ABS, and Stainless  Hardware

These antennas are used on the  US Military Cougar   vehicle in Iraq and Afghanistan as part of a system to detect signals sent to  detonate IED's.
Condition: New unused in original factory boxes
Price: $2,495.00

Antenna bases and accessories