Aircraft Antennas
 AT-141A/ARC Aircraft   UHF  Blade Antenna
Frequency: 225-400 MHz
Connector: Type N
Condition: Good used, needs  cleanup and painting
Price: $PUR
Shipping weight: 6 Lb.
AT-145B/A Aircraft VHF Blade Antenna
Frequency: 100 to 160 MHZ
Impedance: 50 Ohms, Omnidirectional,
Connector: Type N
Condition:  good used:
Price: $PUR, Shipping weight: 8 Lb.
TACO G838 Aircraft   UHF Blade  Antenna
Frequency: 225-400 MHZ
Impendence: 50 Ohms
Connector:None. It  has a coaxial cable attached
Condition; Unused
price: $PUR Shipping weight: 6 Lb
AT-1108/ARC VHF/UHF Aircraft  Blade Antenna
The AT-1108/ARC is widely used on a wide range of  subsonic aircraft both fixed and rotary-wing. It has Two frequency ranges: 116-152 & 225-400 MHz each with it's own RF connector. It is an Omnidirectional directional  and can handle 50W of RF in each band simultaneously. These are foam filled fiberglass with
a black lusterless finish.  
Condition: New Unused factory boxed surplus
price: PUR, Shipping weight: 12 lb

Rockwell Collins 37X-1   Marker Beacon Aircraft Antenna
Frequency: 75 MHz.
Condition; Good, Price; $PUR ,Shipping weight: 3 Lb.
AS-1858/APN-171(V)  Radar Altimeter Antenna
these are used in pairs  with the Honeywell  AN/APN-171(V) radar Altimeter , Frequency: 4350 MHz.
Condition: good, price:PUR each, weight 6 Lb.
AS-521A/APN-69 X-Band Radar Beacon Antenna
Frequency: 9310 -9415 MHz
Type: Single element stub antenna used with radar beacon set AN/APN-69
Condition: Good
Price: PUR
Shipping Weight: 7 Lb
AT-234/APX IFF Aircraft  Antenna
Frequency: 950 - 1250 MHz
Condition: Good
Price: $PUR Shipping weight: 5 Lb

Ground Antennas

AS-3900A/VRC VHF Whip Antenna  for SINCGARS  Vehicular Radio Sets
The AS-3900A/VRC is a broadband vehicular whip antenna system designed for use with the U.S. Army’s SINCGARS secure radio system. It provides VHF communication for a range of military vehicles and can be used with any frequency agile radio that operates within its 30-88 MHz frequency band.

This antenna can also be used as a direct replacement for the older AS-1729/VRC and AS-3684/VRC antenna systems used with the AN/VRC-12 & 43 through -48 FM Radio Sets which used the RT-524/VRC, RT-246/VRC Transceivers  and the AN/VRC-64  FM Radio Sets which included the AN/PRC-77 Radio Set.  

Condition: New unused  in original  factory cartons.
Price PUR
shipping weight: 15 Lb.

AB-21/GR, AB-22/GR, AB-23/GR &  AB-24/GR Antenna Mast Sections
These antenna sections are stackable starting with the AB-21/GR at the bottom.
multiple AB-21/GR Antenna Sections are stacked to obtain more length.
Length each section : 23.5 In.,  Color: Olive Drab and and or   Desert Tan  
These are used with the MP-68 Ground Plane Antenna Base as part of the RC-292 Field Antenna Kit.
AB-21/GR (sold out), AB-22/GR unused &  used, AB-23/GR unused & used ,
 AB-24/GR  used
Price: $8.00 used, Unused: $12.00 Shipping weight: 0.5 Lb
AT-271/PRC Antenna for AN/PRC-8, 9 10, 25, 77 & 104 Radio Sets
This is a seven section antenna held together by a spring loaded string.  It is normally mounted on top of the AB-129/PR or the AB-581/PRC-25  antenna base depending on the radio in use.
Condition: Used good : Less screw on cap on the top section.
The missing  cap does not effect operation.
price: $34.95
Shipping weight:  2 Lb.
CP-12 & CP-13  Counterpoise  for AN/GRC-9  HF  radio set
 CP-12  Antenna Counterpoise consists of a center plate and four 25-foot  14 AWG radials.
CP-13  Antenna Counterpoise consists of a center plate and four 25-foot  19 AWG radials.
Condition:  Poor with Insulation cracked or missing , Missing insulation does not effect operation.
Price: $25.00   CP-12  or  CP-13 counterpoise.
Shipping weight: 7 LB Add $15.00 if you want a  used RL-29 Reel
AN-130 Antenna for   SCR-300 and BC-1000  WW 2 Radio Set
This is a two section antenna with a  goose neck mounting base. These were made for the SCR-300,  BC-1000 WAlky Talky used in WW 2.
Condition: Good
Shipping weight: 2 LB

UVU-200 & DC113X4 VHF & UHF Base Station Antenna
The General Dynamics (Motorola UVU-200   and our  model DC113X4 which is identical  is used with the AN/VRC-83, URC-200 and AN/PRC-113 dual band radio sets. Frequency range: 115-174 and 225-400 MHz.  it is a heavy duty design.
These are ideal for airports and shipboard and other  applications requiring a heavy duty antenna. Specifications  
Condition: Factory new,
 Shipping weight: 10 Lb
Price: PUR

UVU-130  & MDB002 VHF & UHF Base or Mobile Antenna
The General Dynamics  UVU-130  and our  model MDB002 which is identical  is used with the
AN/VRC-83,  URC-200 and AN/PRC-113 dual band radio sets. Frequency range 115-174 and
225-400 MHz.  it is supplied with a universal mounting bracket and is ideal for installation on vehicles and shelters.  

Condition: Factory new
Price: PUR
Shipping Weight: 10 Lb.
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