Antennas and  antenna accessories 
Antenna Bases
MP-65A  & MP-65B  Antenna bases
These antenna Base  are used with all types of military vehicles. The MP-65A
has a  binding post  for non coaxial cable installation.  
The MP-65B has a coaxial connector that accepts a PL-259 plug and an adapter to convert it to a binding post  for non coaxial cable installation.
 These mount in a 2 inch hole base and  is very similar to the AB-15/GR Antenna Base except it is heaver duty with a thicker  heaver duty spring.
MP-65A, Sold out
MP-65B, Good used Sold Out
Shipping weight: 6  ,   
Shakespeare 120-43 Antenna Base
This is a rigid antenna base used with  AT-1011/U 16 & 32 Ft HF antennas, Shakespeare 120 HF  whip antennas. was used with the RF-280, RF-301,  AN/URC-58 & AN/URC-94 series radio sets or similar HF radio Sets not requiring a spring base.                 
Condition: New unused                                          Shakespeare Military Catalog  
Price:$ 200.00, Shipping Weight 6 LB
AT-272/PRC & AT-272A/PRC Antenna  Gooseneck  Base
These are the lower section of the tape measure  antenna used with the AN/PRC-8, 9 & 10
Radio Sets. The AT-272/PRC is shorter than the AT-272A/PRC.
At-272/PRC Antenna Base, used $10.00
AT-272A/PRC Antenna Base , new unused $15.00
Shipping Weight: 2 Lb
AB-129/PR & AB-591/PRC-25 Antenna Bases
The AB-129/PR is a support base for the AT-271/PRC Antenna used on the AN/PRC-8, 9, 10 &104 radio Sets. it is depicted on the right side of the photo
The AB-591/PRC-25 Antenna Base is used with the AN/PRC-25 & AN/PRC-77 radio Sets.
AB-129/PR , Sold out
AB-591/PRC-25  Antenna base,  used, $19.95, Shipping weight: 2 LB
Collins 490D-1 Antenna Base for AN/GRC-95 and  MRC-104 &108 Radios
Contains  Antenna base for AT-1011/U Whip Antenna,loading coil and vacuum relay and interface to the above radio sets.
These bases  are  less the vacuum relay  Etc. They have the  large coil.  
 These are a good source of  parts.
Condition: Good, : $100.00
Condition: Good  less vacuum relay, good for parts, $75.00
Shipping weight: 40 LB.
AB-558/GR Antenna Base  spare Insulator
These are  new spare  plastic insulators originally used with the AB-558/GR Antenna base..They are 6 Inches in diameter and can be used for other application.
Condition: new Unused factory boxed  $14.95,  Shipping weight: 3 LB
SCD-189023 Mounting Bracket for AS-1729/VRC Antennas
This is a steel mounting bracket normally used to support various military vehicular antennas including the MX-6707/VRC  Antenna Base and other antennas that have the same  mounting dimensions.
Condition: Unused, $30.00, Shipping weight: 10 LB

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