FSG7016 UHF AM Hand Held Transceiver 

Leading Particulars
Frequency Range: 225.000 MHz to 399.975 MHz  = 7,000 channels
Frequency Selection:16 preset channels
Transmitter outputs: 3 selectable 1W,  0.4 W, or  0.1 W.
 Operating Mode: Simplex
 Modulation: AM  A3E, 350 - 3,000 Hz
 Power Supply:Detachable, rechargeable 12 Vdc nickel-cadmium battery pack,
1,400 mAh, with built-in temperature sensor. External 10 Vdc to 15 Vdc via 10-pole
accessory connector, input current 1.2A maximum.Switched 12 Vdc output for attached
accessories, drain 150Ma maximum. Input Current:   Standby (Standby): 42 Ma,
RX: 150 am, TX: 0.4- 1.2 A

Transmitter Characteristics:  
Power Output: Preset 0.1 W /0.4 W /1.0 W or RX mode only, programmed together with channel frequency.
Frequency Accuracy: £+ 2.5 ppm (max. + 1 kHz), O°C to +40o/32°F to 104°F
£+ 5 ppm (max. + 2 kHz), -20°C to +60°C/-4°F to 140°F
Spurious/Harmonic Radiation: -60 dBc/50 Ohm
Carrier Noise level:  ³40 dB, 1 kHz, 75% modulation
Adjacent Channel Suppression: > -75 dB at > + 25 kHz, 60% mod. +10 dB/1
,250 Hz
Modulation AF Response: 350- 3,000 Hz < -6 dB (0 dB = 1 kHz)
Modulation Distortion:£10% at 90% modulation, 400 Hz ... 3,000 Hz
Modulation Capability:  Built-in modulation compressor, 0> 80% AM at 300 MHz, O°C to
+40°C / 32°F to 104 of > 70% AM at 225 MHz... 340 MHz, -20°C to +60°C / -4°F to 140°F
Modulation AF Input level:      0.5 mV to 10 mV for >75% AM, adjustable in 7 steps
 Duty Cycle:Transmit Time-Out- Timer limits transmission electronically to 5 minutes to
save battery capacity, and to prevent blocked channel.
Receiver Characteristics:
Sensitivity: £1mV / -107dBm for 6dB S+N/N
Selectivity: ³ 8 kHz/ -6 dB
Spurious Frequency Rejection: ³ -70 dB, including IF image rejection
Audio Power Output: ³ 1W (internal speaker)
Physical and Environmental Data:
Overall Dimensions: 75 x 38 x 225 mm (WxDxH), without antenna2.95" x 1.5" x 8.86" (WxDxH), without antenna 1.2 kg (2.6 lb.), including battery, removable/adjustable
carrying strap and helical antenna
Operating Temperature Range:-20°C to +60°C / -4°F to 140°F
Slightly Degraded Performance: -30°C to +60°C / -22°F to 140°F
Charging Temperature Range: +10°C to +40°C /50°F to 104°F
Submersible (with antenna attached): 1.0 m (3 ft) for 30

The FSG7016 is made by Walter Dittel are used worldwide by  various military and other organizations requiring a rugged and extremely reliable hand held UHF AM  military band transceiver.

We can supply a full line of ancillaries including batteries, battery chargers ,antennas, microphone  and spares.

We supply these sets  already  programmed to you choice of up to the maximum of  16  preset channels.

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