Manufacturer Part No.

Power Requirements

Power Consumption

Heat Dissipation

RF Power Input

Power Output

Frequency Range

Intermodulation Distortion

Tuning Time

Ambient Temperature

Control Inputs:

Frequency Control
Standby Control
Operate control
Key Control
CW/FSK Control

Keyline Interlock

Antenna Tune

Flow Rate of Exhaust Air
Inlet Air Pressure

 AM-16675/URT & AM-6675/URT(SA) RF Amplifier

Target Corporation for Litton Industries, Amecon Division

TC-681, (TD-878 = AM-6675/URT(SA) Litton P/N 185321-100)

440 volts ±10%, three phase, three wire, 400 Hz ±5%
 (AM-6675/URT ONLY)  See Note 1 below

4.4 KVA at rated full power output (AM-6675/URT only)

3400 Watts at rated full power output

100 milliwatts nominal

1 kilowatt PEP for USB, LSB, ISB and compatible AM (350 watts of carrier) Emissions: 1 kilowatt of average power for CW, FSK and FAX emissions
Front panel control allows power reduction to l00W PEP
2.0 to 30.0 MHz in 19 bands

-40 dB nominal

10 seconds

0 to 50 degrees C

Five input lines carrying coded signals
+28 volt input from external source places RF amplifier in standby condition
+20 volt input from external source places RF amplifier in operate condition
Grounded input places RF amplifier in keyed condition
Grounded input alters APC and PPC for compatibility with CW/FSK mode of operation

Grounded input provides key interrupt when antenna or multicoupler not in operating or tune status

Grounded input causes reduced power to antenna coupler during couplers tune cycle

140 cubic feet per minute CFM

14.7 PSI maximum at 140 CFM
Note 1:
The AM-6675/URT(SA) requires a external PP-3916/UR  Power Supply, and appears almost identical to the U.S. Military model  AM-3924B(P)/URT RF Amplifier  found in the AN/URT-23B(V) Radio Transmitting Set.

The main difference is in the color of the exterior which is a very  light green instead of the usual light gray.

The AM-6675/URT(SA) was made  for  Saudi Arabia as part of an air defense system supplied by Litton in the late 1980's.   Our units came from Litton when their contract was completed and are unused.

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